Gather the family and neighbors to watch as the Azteca Gunite swimming pool structural professionals arrive in there up to date custom candy painted trucks and equipment. Simply witness how we create a one of a kind name brand swimming pool structure in your backyard.

After you and your pool builder/designer have planned the perfect Azteca Brand swimming pool structure for you, its time to get started. First, before excavating your Azteca structure you are required to have your pool layed out according to pool plan specs. Gas line marked (re-routed if needed), and utilities marked. Next step we place a wood frame that shows the size, shape, and the location of your pool and spa, and set to a specific elevation in which the pool builder/ designer must provide. The wood framing provides a guide for the structural build process.

The swimming pool structure is then excavated by a 7ft. rubber track machine (standard machine), which then allows us to bring it to the specified depths as well as gradual breaks for pools with deep ends. All pool and spa walls, tanning ledges, waterfall pads, benches, main drain box, light niche and skimmer box are then hand carved and contoured. Dirt is left where needed allowing an exact material placement. Pools out of the ground or raise walls such as raised beams, retaining walls, gunite fencing are formed with 1/2 inch plywood and 2/4 to assure a double side finish with out striping forms (by bid) Keyways and footers are also excavated also at time of pool excavation. Keyways and footers will very on sizes. During this process stump removals and concrete breakout is done if needed.

Excavation can take approximately 4 to 6 hours for a standard pool. But it can vary due to number of things, i.e. access, size, shape, soil conditions, dirt removal. If dirt is staying on site, excavation can go more quickly, but roughly 90 to 95% of jobs have dirt that is hauled off. Also, if the dumpsites are longer than 3 miles and/or job is located inside the loop, excavation will require additional time.