We dispatch one of our steel crew go out to the job to install either # 3 steel or # 4, from 3/8 to ½ inch -diameter steel (smaller diameter of steel can be used, depending on the builder) is reinforced as per the structural drawing. Adding the steel reinforcement is an important part of the structural integrity of your pool and spa. You’ll find it interesting to see the workmanship and special techniques used to bend the steel into the shape of your dream swimming pool structure.


Depending on the structural steel specs for your pool and spa will determine the rebar grid like centers. A 4 bar beam (#4 rebar 1/2inch) is then installed along the top perimeter of the structure. Steel is then placed and contoured on walls, waterfall pads, benches, spa dam wall, around skimmers, lights, and the floor of the pool and spa tightly secured. The steel cage is the raised 3inches and set on top of concrete spacers to insure the steel is not against the wall or the floor of the pool. This system allows the Gunite to be evenly distributed under and above the steel and placed properly.