Now it’s time for you to grab the camcorder and hit record because this is the most exciting stage of the structural process. From the amazing artistic equipment set up in your front yard to the gunite application in the backyard this is truly incredible process. We require all vehicles’ to be clear from our equipment setup to avoid gunite dust overspray. Our highly trained professionals properly set up their equipment, and also carefully secure the backside of your house with 4mil plastic to prevent overspray.

Our in-house certified Azteca nozzle men use considerable strength to lift the hose filled with pressurized gunite to guide the placement. It’s amazing to watch our crafts professionals sculpt the gunite. Our highly qualified pool technicians shape gunite to re-ensure the thickness on wall and beams; and insure that inside of the pool have to be the correct size and elevations to complete the best product.

Gunite, which is used mainly for swimming pools, but can also, be used for retaining walls, erosion control, remodeling, etc. Gunite is the main part of the swimming pool building process. The gunite is mixed on site, this method uses a gunite mixer, which contains torpedo sand & Portland power cement – which is then mixed and compressed at the jobsite. The mixture is then blown at a high pressure through a hose where water is added at the tip of the hose and then blown at the industry standard PSI in the walls and floor.

All of the benches, steps, and spa are free formed to specifications per plan by our highly experienced and skilled finishers.